Hybrid Controller
In a solar-diesel hybrid power system, a hybrid controller or DG (Diesel Generator) controller is used to manage the power generation and distribution from both solar and diesel sources. The hybrid controller is responsible for optimizing the use of both sources to ensure reliable and efficient power supply to the load. The controller will adjust the power output of the solar panels to match the load demand and charge the battery bank as necessary. In times of low solar irradiance or high load demand, the hybrid controller will start the diesel generator and distribute power as needed to maintain a stable power supply.

EAI does complete solution of Hybrid controller of Solar & Diesel with best key features as bellows.

  • Minimum genset load

            Eliminate the risk of reverse power caused by low load

  • Perfect for Rooftop installations

             Rebuild your genset with AGC 150 benefits and get PV for free

  • Load calculation in terms of solar power


  • Automatic genset start/stop

               Based on threshold set points for PV production and main import/export


  • PV included in modes

              MPE (Mains power export/import), AMF (Automatic main failure), LTO (Load take-over), Fixed power, and Peak shaving.

  • PV inverter communication support

              Support of morePV inverter communication protocols, including Sunspec

  • Mains voltage and current measurement

             One CT/Phase for balanced load

  • PV Power emulation

             Try and test the Hybrid functions without a PV plant

  • Other PV features:
  • Energy Counters, Curtailment.
  • Inverter monitoring.
  • POA and BOM for calculating P max.
  • Weather data presentation
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